Red Heifer Steakhouse

Our dedicated team brings a wealth of culinary knowledge and experience, infusing our traditional steakhouse menu with a modern sensibility.

About Us

Red Heifer Steakhouse, established in 1999, is located in the heart of Jerusalem on the exclusive King David Street just across from the King David Hotel, David Citadel Hotel, Mamilla Maand steps from the Old City. Located in the brand new King David’s Crown, Red Heifer Steakhouse has two lovely dining rooms, one available for private events. The restaurant’s expansive outdoor space is a fantastic space to bask in Jerusalem’s charming atmosphere.

Our dedicated team brings a wealth of culinary knowledge and experience, infusing our traditional steakhouse menu with a modern sensibility.

We open Sunday thru Thursday from 5:00 pm for dinner service. Our attentive staff, convenient location and beautiful space makes Red Heifer Steakhouse the perfect venue to host your next event. Whether you are celebrating a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Anniversary, Bris or Sheva Berachot, our team is committed to making your next event a successful and memorable one. Red Heifer is also proud to offer quality catering and gourmet butcher service for Shabbat and Holidays.

We look forward to another exciting decade and to hosting you in our new location.

Glatt Kosher Lemehadrin

רד הייפר סטייקהאוס, הוקם בשנת 1999, ממוקם בלב הליבה של ירושלים ברחוב מלך דוד מול מלון מלך דוד, מלון מצודת דוד, ממילא וצעדים מהעיר העתיקה. יש שני חדרים, ופטיו נפלא להנו באווירה הקסומה של ירושלים. השפים ידועה במבחר העצום של בשרי איכות בסגנון אמירקאי המוכר ואהוב. כל הבשרים, מגדולי פרות באחו, טבעית, נטולי הורמונים. הסטייקים מיושנים במסעדתנו 28 ימים

אנו פתוחים בימי א – ה בשעה 17:00. רד הייפר סטייקהאוס המקום המושלם לארח את האירוע הבא שלך. בין אם אתם חוגגים בר / בת מצווה, יום הולדת, יום נישואים, ברית או שבע ברכות, צוות שלנו מחויב לביצוע האירוע הבא שלך אחד מוצלח ובלתי נשכח. רד הייפר גם מציע קייטרינג איכות ושירות הקצב גורמה בשבתות ובחגים

גלאט כשר למהדרין


Perfect venue for you next event. We host private events, such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Small weddings, Business events and farewell dinners. We have a private room for up to 50 people. Entire restaurant 100 people. Outdoors up to 150 people. Please contact us and receive professional advise from our Chef to create a truly unforgettable event.



When in NYC visit

Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse

16 East 48 Street

New York City


What Our Customers Say About US

Yehuda and FA Novoseller Customer Reviews

The Atmosphere is a nice quiet classy one. Not to loud (chatter or music) and the service really outdoes anywhere else. They listen to what you would like and understand the exact order you place. Highly recommended! Very good food too!

Jesse Icahn Customer Reviews

Best steakhouse I’ve been to in Israel. I’ve had the filet minion, the ribeye and the grand butterfly. All were delicious, I especially recommend getting the pepper sauce on the side. All the steaks were cooked exactly how I wanted. Amazing service. Great ambience.

Carlos Alberto Retired Military Customer Reviews

The location is not a walking distant from Jaffa Gate but well worth it. The place is located in a area full of architecture new and old design. The employee were incredibly friendly and some knew a little Spanish. Their famous for the Hamburgers and I must say, I love it.

Elisheva Zucker Customer Reviews

Simply the best kosher steakhouse in Israel. I've eaten at a lot of them, and this one far surpasses all competition. The food is authentic New York steakhouse fare, and is actually worth the price. Also, the service is phenomenal. I went here for my anniversary and they made us feel very special.

Julia King Customer Reviews

Amazing I was so tired of Kosher after being in Isrel for 12 days and someone told me about the restaurant. Everything from the meat and cheese board, steak and win was delicious 🙂 . Highly recommend for anyone that is wanting home like our home country good old USA.

Moshe Gruen Customer Reviews

This place gets better everytime!! I saw a lot of the negative reviews and I wouldn't listen to them. Nicest waiters, delicious food,and nice portion size. Definitely pricey but you get what you pay for!!

Tuvia Greenberg Customer Reviews

This is my favorite upscale restaurant in Israel. The service is great, the food is delicious, and the ambiance is just right. It is also the only (truly) upscale restaurant I have found with a kashrut certificate from Rav Rubin.

isaac Sol Customer Reviews

I love this restaurant the food is delicious!! the service is great!! U get what you pay for I highly recommend it!! And I like the idea that it's a high class restaurant and still has a great hechsher it's b'datz Rubin so it's kosher!!